Security Standards to Protect Vital Information and Minimize Risk


Security Matters

In today’s climate of heightened cyber-security risks, protecting mission-critical information that’s crucial to running your business is more important than ever.

As a third-party data processor for a wide range of payment applications, EFX is held to the payment industry’s highest standards in terms of data and physical security.

EFX Promotes the Highest Security Standards

EFX is subject to frequent third-party audits of our operational policies and procedures.

  • PCI-DSS Service Provider – Level One

  • TG3 PIN Audit

  • VISA PIN Audit

  • SAS-70 (now known as SSAE 16 SOC 1)

We also undergo annual on-site inspections by our sponsoring financial institutions and ODFIs to review required policies and procedures, and confirm our compliance.

Security Standards

Reducing your risk means managing that risk. We do this in a variety of ways, including maintaining collocated data centers to maintain business continuity even in disaster occurrences, off-site storage of crucial data back-ups and regularly scheduled back-ups of all vital information.

Your business is your business, but it’s our business to keep it running smoothly. That means protecting it from cyber-threats.

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