Direct Deposit Processing Streamlined

ACH is the proven method of choice for processing everything from payroll disbursements and insurance premiums, to monthly membership dues and scheduled donations to nonprofits 

We offer a fresh alternative to other direct deposit processors for a multitude of clients. Our fully customizable ACH solutions are designed to open new markets while increasing productivity and efficiency. 

Our robust, flexible payment solutions can benefit you in terms of increasing your productivity, cutting costs, and even attracting new clients.  

Maximize profits, reach new markets and save time and money with EFX’s streamlined direct deposit processing.


Direct Deposit Processing Benefits

  • Provides your clients with real-time, online access

  • Incorporates automated information delivery

  • Offers a variety of available file and ACH transaction formats

  • Customizable reporting formatted to individual client requirements

  • Online account statements and account analysis tools

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