EFX Offers a Better Solution During Tumultuous Processor Buyouts

Many Independent ATM Deployers (IADs) and Independent Sales Organizations (ISOs) have reportedly felt the turmoil and uncertainty that has accompanied the multitude of recent processor mergers and buyouts.  Undoubtedly, these shifts have left many IADs and ISOs scrambling to find needed support. From simple transaction issues to new online systems, the changes can be overwhelming.  

Consider switching processors; Learn more about EFX

If you are struggling through this situation with your processor, take the opportunity to learn more about EFX.

Independently owned since 2006, EFX’s focus is to provide value-added functionality and a higher level of client satisfaction to the electronic fund transfer management community.  This has never been more important than in today’s volatile market. EFX puts clients first and is proud to continue to stand by our promise of white-glove customer support through the constantly changing landscape.

What Makes EFX Different?

EFX clients receive a client concierge to aid in migration and offer continued support for the duration of the relationship.

Unlike our competitors who typically use legacy software systems for ATM processing, EFX maintains its own in-house software processing system, Sibi Systems. Benefits of the Sibi Systems platform include:

  • Competitive buy rates

  • System transparency

  • No miscellaneous fees

  • 100 percent interchange passthrough

  • Network of independent operators

  • Generous DCC splits

  • Clear, comprehensive, real-time reports

  • Acquisitions system featuring leading edge software

  • Online terminal monitoring

Additionally, EFX never outsources labor is pleased to offer in-house IT support, so customers experience quick turnaround times and custom work. 

Take a moment to reflect on your relationship with your ATM Processor, and decide if you can do better.

EFX offers personal support from your very first contact.  Submit an inquiry today and an EFX representative will reach out to you.

Are You Ready for a Better ATM Processing Experience?

At EFX, we pride ourselves on our relationship-first approach and ability to drive results for our clients. Request a personalized consultation and take the first step towards a superior ATM processing experience.

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